Is there a driver shortage or is there a competency shortage?

Shortage or no shortage, hiring and retaining the best drivers happens when you properly interview candidates. Ask the right questions, seek the best answers, while validating competencies.

Many carriers hire anyone with a class 1 license, clean driving record and a heartbeat. While that may fill vacancies, its not likely to be the best choice for your company. Candidates can look great on paper and still not be adequate.

First, eliminate lame interview questions

It’s challenging to predict the success of every prospective employee. However, properly assessing and interviewing…

A couple of weeks ago, a friend confided in why her employer refused a role transition and salary increase. One being, no women in this workplace receives more than $25/hr. Secondly, the employer wouldn’t consider her in a “field role” due to the potential sexual harassment issues (even though she had previous years of field and logging experience). Essentially, it’s a male dominated sector/employer. One who is afraid to reprimand inappropriate, male workers, in exchange for giving women opportunities. Let boys be boys, while keeping women in the office (or kitchen). Pathetic.

We’ve all heard the same stats over and…

Dear women,

Don’t wait for opportunities or promotions. TAKE them. Stop waiting for someone to notice your hard work, skills and abilities.

Don’t ask. Don’t doubt. Find or take opportunities. Better yet, damn well create your own.

In male predominated industries, women often wait for the right time or boss to notice, and move them forward. Not everyone will notice, care or open those doors for you. They may also not know that you’d like to move upward.

So don’t wait. Take and blaze those trails!

A 54-year-old Bartender is pumping out cocktails like a boss, when safety, technology and a millennial walk into a bar. After a couple of looks, the Bartender asks the trio what they have in common.

Ignoring the question, the millennial asks the Bartender where the young people are. He notices the crowd is substantially smaller and older than the last time he visited. The Bartender mumbles, “new ownership. The regulars want a quiet, neighborhood pub where they don’t have to worry about needing hearing aids after leaving”. Smirking, the millennial asks why the Bartender seems to be working alone. …

Photo taken by Oriana Kolonsky, Driver appreciation 2020

Do the costs outweigh the risks? Is cheating really cheating if we don’t get caught? If we don’t weigh in and avoid reality, don’t we sleep better at night? I mean really, we’re all just really busy. Can’t we start again and make a better attempt on Monday?

While safety and compliance is mandatory and necessary for all organizations and its workers, it is something that seems to take the back burner. Just like our diets or health. While we create policies or diets, we tend to gleam towards the cake, or profit instead. We prioritize quick wins, over our…

Oriana Kolonsky

Oriana Kolonsky is a Product Manager, workforce strategist, labour relations expert, and an industry advocate.

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